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Friday, 23 March 2012

S Club 7 confirm return to charts..!

Gettin' down tonight, a come on, yeah
Gettin' down tonight, uh huh, everybody
Get down tonight

S Club (there ain't no party like an S Club party)

Aaah memories of the late 90’s come flooding back with news that S Club 7 are going to “bring it all back” announcing a series of one-off gigs and appearances! Similar to fellow 90’s band Steps reforming, the original seven members of the band are set to take to the stage once again, with a possible chance of releasing a new album and a greatest hits ( though we think they have already done that..!)
The band decided to “go for it” as they felt it was either now or never. None of the band have individually had great solo success since the bands parted ways (finally) in 2003. Apart from Rachel Stevens who had the awesome pop tracks Sweet Dreams My LA Ex written and produced by the brilliant Cathy Dennis and Negotiate With Love co-written by The Nervo Twins

Though we reckon they may need to head back in shape to be able to perform  some of their old dance routines, if we were honest, we can't wait, coz there ain't no party like an S Club party..!

We think we have just found our new SCP moto..!

We'll keep you posted, however until then, check out what made the great.

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