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Thursday, 29 March 2012

One Direction Take Over The World..!

It happened back in the 60's with The Beatles. Again in the 90's with The Backstreet Boys & *NSync. Now it's the 10's (Teenies?) and it's One Direction's turn! Drawing thousands of screaming adoring fans wherever they go, 1D is going from strength to strength with their boyish charms and good looks turning normal teenage girls into screaming weeping wrecks! Currently touring The States 1D is selling out shows and packing malls and streets wherever they go! They've even debuted at number 1 on the U.S. album charts!! Also big news is that 1D will be honoured one of their songs being covered on the hit show Glee! Yes Glee's Matthew Morrison has confirmed that their smash What Makes You Beautiful will be performed by the cast of the hit show - Wow!!

The boys have recorded a couple of video diaries and we have them for you here. It's obvious that they're blown away by the attention and full credit to them for keeping there humility and cheeky nature along with giving their fans the attention they deserve..!

And here's episode 2 - if your speakers are on, turn them down - the screaming will blow them up if you don't..!

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