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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New Single Alert - Keane - Silenced By The Night

Along with Coldplay, English band Keane have great respect in the music community for their hard work and dedication to their craft, along with the amazing musicality that they bring to each and every one of their songs - Somewhere Only We Know a brilliant example of this - even being covered on Glee !It’s been since their 2008 album Perfect Symmetry that alternative rock band Keane released any new music, well the boys are back this time with a new band member Jess Quin.

Confirming their new album will be Strangeland set for release on May 7th with lead single Silence By The Night which see’s the band return to their original sound of Hopes and Fears and Under The Iron Sea.

Speaking of the album keyboard and bass player Tim Rice-Oxley said,
“Sonically, I think it's probably close to Under The Iron Sea. I think there are elements of all three albums as you'd expect, but I think Under The Iron Sea had a very good balance of that really strong, emotional core but also some amazing soundscape and a lot of energy peeks and also some really intimate moments like Hamburg Song and Try Again. I think and I hope it's going to be a really beautiful-sounding record. One of the things I loved about Perfect Symmetry was songs like Spiralling that had a massive amount of energy, so I hope it'll have some of that too.”.  

Calling it their most personal and honest record yet, this is the fourth studio from the boys due out on 7th May 2012.

Check out Silence By The Night  now and let us know what you think.

Keane also performed the track at SXSW this weekend.

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