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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Kylie - Anti Tour Review..!

Kylie Minogue sold out Anti Tour was "sold" as an intimate gig that was just "Kylie", dedicated to her loyal fans, a stripped back show to shine a light on those tracks we, us loyal fans love, but never really saw the light of day. The Pop princess took a gamble by schedule gigs on relatively unknown tracks to her mainstream crowd. However, did the gamble pay off?
Who care's if there were a few blank faces around the venue on a few tracks they had never heard before, this was a gig for her “super fans”, the ones that have listened to every b-side, “leaked” demo and Impossible Princess or X and all other albums on repeat. And if you didn’t know them, sod it, it was still Kylie rocking the stage to a tracks that could easily have been a radio hit..!
With a simple stage and lighting, a four man band and three backing singers, Minogue took to the stage and kicked off with Magnetic Electric from album X, followed by old Stock Aitken & Waterman 1998 track Made in Heaven which was the B-Side to Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi. Kylie was even dressed simply in cut off demin shorts and white t-shirt but looked effortless and stunning.
Photography by Rod Sydney

The singer said about the gig "It's been very difficult choosing the songs," continuing saying "So I hope you hear one of the songs that was on your lists ... which were apparently quite long." as many fans erupted from the audience.
Photography by Rod Sydney

Still keeping the disco tracks pumping, the Wow singer brought out B-side to said track Cherrybomb to life, Disco Down rocked the place and the brilliant track and SCP fav Too Much, that was written and produced with bestie and Scissor Sisters front man Jake Shears and the very talented Calvin Harris just made the big top jump.
Photography by Rod Sydney

So did Kylie delivery, of course she did. It delivered everything it promised to be, it was intimate and revealing and gave a show to the “superfans” that they never thought they would see. 
Bravo Ms Minogue, if possible we love you a little bit more, though we were already full of love for you
Check out the full set list below and one of the tracks performed Too Much.
Full Set Listing

Magnetic Electric
Made in Heaven
Cherry Bomb
Mighty Rivers
I'm Over Dreaming (Over You)
Always Find the Time
You're the One
Paper Dolls
Say Hey
Too Much
Bittersweet Goodbye
Disco Down
I Don't Need Anyone
Got to Be Certain
Things Can Only Get Better

That's Why They Write Love Songs
Tears on My Pillow (Little Anthony & The Imperials cover)
Enjoy Yourself

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