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Saturday, 24 March 2012

1st Birthday Message from Luciana..!

Many SCP readers would know, we have a slight crush on the gorgeous Luciana who has just released her new single Bow Wow Wow with Bodyrox and is currently sitting at number 2 in the UK Dance Charts. Well, we thought it was weird not to hear from her on our 1st birthday, so we were delighted to wake this morning to find this video message from our lover. She was on location shoot another new video called SW@GGA due out next month, so she is forgiven as a girl has to earn a living and as if she would forget and what a way to end our birthday celebrations. Check it..!
Aaaawwww...Thank you Luciana, we miss you too and LOVING the hair..!

Don't forget to check out our interview with the gorgeous lady herself where we talk her music, duets and who she thinks needs a good spanking..!

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