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Saturday, 31 March 2012

New Video Alert - Dev - Naked Feat Enrique Iglesias

Who wants to get Naked with Enrique Iglesias? Well SCP were hoping the new video from Dev featuring the singer, would have give us opportunity to see the latin god at least semi naked, however alas no..! Both singers are fully clothes as they walk round  Las Vegas in this BBGun directed video.
This upbeat track is the third to be released from the American version of Dev's debut album, The Night the Sun Came Up. Check it out..!

New Video Alert - The Knocks - Rest Of Your Life

The Knocks are back to brighten up your day with their brilliant fan made video for Rest Of Your Life (R.O.Y.L.). Fans were requested to send in their home footage of them dancing, jiving and miming to the new track and The Knocks themselves would choose their favourites.

The video is an amalgamation of fan footage and is brilliant, along with some guest cameos courtesy of Chiddy Bang, Neon Hitch and the stunning Eliza Doolittle.

R.O.Y.L. is available to buy on iTunes now

Remix Alert - Marina and the Diamonds – Primadonna - Benny Benassi Remix

Following the huge response online to Primadonna it’s time to get your teeth around the first remix from Marina & The Diamonds latest single.  Esteemed EDM producer Benny Benassi has turned Marina’s pop fuelled track into an uplifting disco house banger!  With the thumping bass and heavy synths, Benassi’s remix is more suited to the big room raves.  Leaving Marina’s vocals prominent throughout, this track is sure to become an anthem this summer within the electro scene.

Primadonna is set for release on April 16th with new album Electra Heart to follow on 30thApril.

Watch the video for Primadonna here

Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday Song - Kesha..!

YAY! It's Friday at last and its been an action packed pop week, with Madonna releasing her new album MDNA and wanting to work with Quentin Tarantino, Norah Jones teases more tracks from her forthcoming album, Kylie plans one of the biggest parties in the world, we got a little too excited about the return of Van She, Maroon 5 got Overexposed and Pepper seasoned up pop with her sexy and gusty acoustic sessions. 

Finally, we could not forget our gorgeous birthday message from Luciana and we concluded our birthday celebrations with our competition to find some great Friday songs. 

We LOVE a good Friday song at SCP as it gets us ready for the weekend. So we wanted you to name your favourite Friday Song, the song YOU love to listen to, to get you in a party spirit. 

Thank you to everyone who entered, we have chosen our top 5 and the winning tracks will be announced over the forthcoming weeks. If you see you track featured over then email us to claim you prize which is copy of NOW: The Hits of Autumn 2012 that features so many hits including Flo-Rida The Black Keys, David Guetta, Ed Sheeran, Jason Derulo and Coldplay  to name just a few and is available on iTunes now.

Our first winner in Dave who said Ke$ha track gets him in the mood and we couldn't agree more. Happy Friday everyone..!

Roxette confirm new album..!

Three years after their 2009 comeback, Swedish pop phenomenon Roxette are hotter than they’ve been since their early 90’s heydays.
 Having just completed the Australian leg of their world tour, they’re ready to release their brand new album Travelling on April 6. This will be the band’s ninth studio album which was preceded by lead single It's Possible. Check it out album teaser below..!

Maroon 5 confirm new album..!

It seems appropriate when you look at the above picture of Adam Levine naked, that the new Maroon 5 album is called Overexposed.

And hell, we ain't complaining at SCP HQ, we need no excuse to bring out the naked pictures of Adam Levine again..! Miss them? Check them out here.

Check out the new album tease from Maroon 5 below, which Levine stated the album is their "most diverse and poppiest album yet"

New Single Alert - Kris Allen - The Vision Of Love

Many may not actually remember, but Adam Lambert did not actually win Season 8 of American Idol. He's had some massive success with his singles and we're big fans here at SCP but he actually came second to Kris Allen. Whilst not as high profile as AdamKris has had his own success but is also known for his extensive charity work. His third album is due out this year and the lead single is The Vision Of Love and it's a great pop/rock song. Kris gets to show off his falsetto and lends his considerable guitar skills to the track. A welcome return to pop - well done Kris..!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Single Alert - Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

Returning to the charts with a new R&B flava, Justin Bieber is back with new single Boyfriend. Recently running a competition with his fans to chose the single artwork, we have to wonder if the Biebster is taking a big risk with this new direction, when there are 5 young british lads aka the mighty One Direction, melting girls hearts and taking over the worldThe track is produced by American singer, songwriter, and producer Mike Posner and is filled with funky beats and rapping by Bieber's alter ego Shawty Mane. Check out the track below and let us know what you think? Can Bieber claim back all those girls hearts once again..!

New Video Alert - Groove Coverage - Think About The Way Feat. Rameez

If you do a spin class or body pump at your local gym, be prepared to be sick of this song very soon! Designed for all those high energy activities, the new single from Groove Coverage is a heart thumping dance smash to get you in the mood! 
Though minimal success outside of Germany & Austria, you might remember Groove Coverage from their dance remakes of Mike Oldfield'Moonlight Shadow, or Alice Cooper's PoisonThink About The Way is their own single and we really like it! Check out the video here now..!

Van She Return – SCP Let Out A Bit Of Wee..!

Yes Van She are back with their sophomore record, Idea Of Happiness and we have got hold of their first cut and title track below to get a taste of things to come.

 Recorded, engineered and produced by the band themselves and mixed in Los Angeles with Tony Hoffer (the perfect man for the job with a resume that includes work with Beck, Air, Phoenix and M83), the final result is so uplifting it's practically levitational.
Weeeheee!!! Happiness. And they’re only working with BLOODY PHEONIX!!!

That. Is. All.

SnapCacklePop Interview - Bic Runga..!

A couple of week ago, we had the pleasure of attending Bic Runga's showcase of her new album Belle. We were lucky enough to grab some time with the lovely, beautiful and talented Sway singer to talk about the new record, becoming a mum, getting stuck in a housewife vortex, what she loves about touring and cake fights..! Check it!

Hey Bic, how you going?
I’m awesome

Welcome to SnapCacklePop

And welcome to Australia, how you finding it?
I love it here, the food is so yummy and fresh and the weather is better, people are happy… are you guys happy?

We seem to be, only when we get good weather!

You have been MIA for a while now, as it’s been six years since your last studio album. What have you been up to?
Well I’ve been looking after my son; my boy was born 4 years ago, so been busy with that…

It does take up some time?
Yeah it does…

You’ve got a new album out; tell us about the inspiration for Belle?
Just like any new mum, just trying to get back to work. It was all consuming being a mother and I just, man,  needing to do something for myself. Its just like someone going back to the office.

You play a lot of musical instruments yourself; do you play many on this album?
This is a very unusual record for me, as I hardly play any instruments on it and I didn’t produce it for a change and I didn’t write all the songs.

As your partner produced it correct?
Yeah that’s right, his name is Kody Nielson. He’s from a band called Opossom and I play in his band too. We met on this record, my publisher put us together, we wrote some really good songs and he ended up producing the album and did an amazing job.

So you didn’t mind handing so much over to him?
I didn’t mind at all, I really trusted him and that’s a big deal for me I suppose. I did I just completely trusted him.

That’s great to hear and you can hear that from the results of the beautiful album you have produced. Your last single was Hello Hello, can you tell us about the video?
 Well my son is in the video and actually Kody is the donkey guy.

So what’s the video actually about?
I don’t know what it means… don’t ask me that! I have no idea..!
Talking of your son, does he want to go into the music industry, what does he want to do when he is older?
He’s only 4, so is just obsessed with toys at the minute,  he actually says he wants to be a toy maker and I think he watches me playing with my band and he just not interested in it, which is great.

So you will not encourage him into the music industry?
NEVER. (laughs)

Talking of family you come from a very musical family yourself, with both your sisters being singers...
Yeah we are a very musical family.

Is there any sibling rivalry?
No not at all,  because my sister Bow, she did it first, she’s older, and she’s just a really nice big sister. I’m really lucky. I feel she has taught me how to be a girl in a way,  she’s such a girl girl and I was such a tom boy. I used to watch her her go to gigs and get all dressed up and was like “oh that’s what you do” (Laughs)
She’s just my role model…

Do you seek advice from her still?
Yes I do, so there is no competition. She’s six years older, I look up to her  and yeah, I think she’s a bit of a hero.

So can you let us know what the next single is going to be released?
Its out pretty soon called Tiny Little Piece Of My Heart, we’ve already made the video and it will be out soon.

And has it hit the radio yet?
No not yet, but soon.

You are currently in Australia promoting; do you have plans to tour?
Yeah I have an East coast tour in May in Australia...

And you are heading over to UK and visiting Ireland and the UK?
Yeah I am doing Shepherds Bush Empire in London and its exciting, to be away for 5 years and still be able to play that venue.

Well you have a big fan base
Yeah that’s really nice.

You have lived in Paris, New York and London – in order of preference how would you rank them.           
I feel in love living in Paris and have always thought I  will be a little old lady in Paris. I miss it but in the meantime I’m home in New Zealand for my son and the schools and everything and of course family.

And going on tour, promoting the album and being away from your son, is that the hardest part of touring? What don’t you like about touring?
I really love it,  my son often comes with me, he didn’t this time, however there is nothing I don’t like about touring. I even like the waiting around, I’ve learnt to love it.

Did you meet the Queen back in 2006 when  she made you a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the New Year's Honours List? 
No I didn’t, and this is shocking, I didn’t actually go to the ceremony!
Didn’t you?
I know it’s a little bit punk, I just didn’t go and I can’t remember why..! Which is not to say I don’t appreciate it, I really appreciate it. Actually I think I was away at the time.
Do you know where your Order of Merit is? 
I have a plague, which I haven’t put up on the wall yet, I have a badge somewhere and I’m not trying to sound ungrateful, I was really honored and it means a lot to me and my family.
So finally we have the SnapCacklePop Big 5 questions

Who would you like to do a duet with?
Neil Young because he’s awesome and has a great voice and one of my favorite songwriters

What chocolate bar best describes you?
We have different one in New Zealand but I have to say last night I didn’t sleep due to having a Cherry Ripe really late and it was soo delicious it was kinda rude. (laughs)

You have met the Queen, if you were Queen for the day what would you do?
Roll around in cake for the day just coz I can! (laughs) I like the idea of having a big cake fight in Buckingham Palace.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you on tour?
I can’t get over that Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin came to one of my shows in London. That was pretty cool.
If you had a super power, what would it be and why?
I would love to be able to fly. I’ve had flying dreams all my life and its strange that your body knows what that feels like in your dream. I don’t know how your body knows that’s sensation but I want to be able to fly.

So what else is planned for 2012?
I just want to get going again. I am hungry to make more music. I don’t want to go back to a 5 year break again as it was actually pretty dark in a way.

How was it dark? What do you mean?
I guess I was sucked into the housewife vortex for a while, and you don’t know when its gonna end. So I’m relived that I have this great child and I’ve got this great career and I manage that better and I want to make more music.

And you speak of Joe there with so much love, what makes him so great?
He’s just such a little dude and we are really lucky. He’s really good company and he’s really funny and we laugh. That’s what I’ve learnt about parenthood, if you can have a laugh with your kids, that’s heaps.

Well thank you Bic, good luck with the tour and the album  and thanks from everyone at SnapCacklePop
Thanks its been great.

Check out the new video from Tiny Little Piece Of My Heart.
Bic Runga album Belle is available on iTunes now.

New Video Alert - Timomatic - If Looks Could Kill

If anyone's taking the ball and running with it, it's Timomatic! First appearing on So You Think You Can Dance, then Australia's Got TalentTimomatic seems to be everywhere! His last single Set It Off did very well and is currently maintaining it's popularity through the Channel 7 promotion for Australia's Got TalentSet It Off has deserved its success and his new single If Looks Could Kill deserves to be a smash hit too!! We get his trademark moves in this great clip and the song really rocks! Sounding like it's taken out of Jason DeRulo's songbook, Timomatic's new single is bound to top the charts and we see a lot more from this talented artist..!

One Direction Take Over The World..!

It happened back in the 60's with The Beatles. Again in the 90's with The Backstreet Boys & *NSync. Now it's the 10's (Teenies?) and it's One Direction's turn! Drawing thousands of screaming adoring fans wherever they go, 1D is going from strength to strength with their boyish charms and good looks turning normal teenage girls into screaming weeping wrecks! Currently touring The States 1D is selling out shows and packing malls and streets wherever they go! They've even debuted at number 1 on the U.S. album charts!! Also big news is that 1D will be honoured one of their songs being covered on the hit show Glee! Yes Glee's Matthew Morrison has confirmed that their smash What Makes You Beautiful will be performed by the cast of the hit show - Wow!!

The boys have recorded a couple of video diaries and we have them for you here. It's obvious that they're blown away by the attention and full credit to them for keeping there humility and cheeky nature along with giving their fans the attention they deserve..!

And here's episode 2 - if your speakers are on, turn them down - the screaming will blow them up if you don't..!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Video Alert - CatCall - The World Is Ours

Following on from her single Satellites, Catcall is back with her new single & video The World Is Ours which is full of her lush, moody and evocative dance pop. The track is taken from the singers debut album The Warmest Place which is supposed to “take you somewhere”. Catcall explains…

"The Warmest Place is what I feel when I listen to music that makes me happy, when I listen to music that is really giving and unpretentious. But it’s subject to interpretation for everybody; it can be heaven, your bed, your bed tangled up in someone’s body, an island, sex, love, a summer’s day, a womb, a cup of tea, freshly baked bread… anything that brings comfort. I want this album to be comfort food and to keep people warm."

Well with winter fast approaching we will need something to keep up warm..!

Check out the video below. The Warmest Place is out on May 4.

Kylie plans the biggest party in the world..!

It's quite well known that Kylie Minogue puts on one of the most amazing spectacular shows, with every detail planned to the most minute detail, with flair pizzaz and passion in each and every scene. It's also recognised that Sydney is THE place to be for a New Years Fireworks spectacular - the design and sheer volume of fireworks used simply stunning the millions of on lookers and the billions watching world-wide. Put Kylie in charge and Sydney will be the only destination to see out 2012! Chosen by Sydney Mayor Clover Moore as Creative Ambassador, our Pop Princess will help to create what will be one of the biggest shows on earth - have a listen to Kylie talk about her new role as Creative Ambassador.
And here's a peek at what Sydney does best..!

New Single Alert - Chila Lynn - When Love Turns To Pain

It's been quite hard to bring you some information about 21 year old Cuban born artist Chila Lynn. Signed by EMI Music in Spain, all the information on Chila is in Spanish - so if we get anything wrong blame Google Translate! You know what though? It shouldn't matter - this track speaks for itself - When Love Turns To Pain is a brilliant track - if you're ever had your heart broken this will strike a chord with you - but also it's an anthem for girl power. Brought up with music - attending both an Elementary and High school of music in Havana, this talented singer & pianist last year completed her training at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris. Keep an eye out for Chila Lynn - we predict, she'll be huge!!

New Video Alert - Elliott Yamin - 3 Words

One of the many who have launched their career off the back of American IdolElliott Yamin was in Season 5 of the hit show and was eliminated from the Top 3. Proud of his Jewish heritage Elliott has had some good success from his solo career, one of his last singles Wait For You reaching top 5 of the US pop charts. His new single though is much more radio friendly and a great pop song to boot. With a smooth voice matched with beautiful instrumentals, 3 Words (no not the Cheryl Cole song) will hopefully be a big hit for Elliott..!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Introducing Pepper..!

With her soulful but gutsy voice and being called the urban version of Adele let us introduce you to Pepper. We have featured a few previous releases from this talented singer and the more we hear, the more we love this lady and we’d though we’d showcase some of her new material, in her acoustic sessions that are just brilliant..!

First discovered on UK reality TV show Must Be The Music after performing an collection of her own songs that blew the judging panel away which included Dizzee Rascal and fellow judges Jamie Cullum and Sharleen Spiteri  She was soon signed to Dizzee's label Dirtee Stank after hearing how talented this girl really was.

First starting out in a college band called Pepper & Piano, it was a security guard that encouraged the band to audition for the reality TV show. Katie Pepper explained "They had the auditions in the building opposite college", continuing saying "we were stood outside smoking and the security guys off the door were coming down and asking us to do it. We didn't want to - I think I literally used the words 'I'm not selling my soul to a reality style show' - but then we heard this one was all about artists doing their own material, so we decided to give it a try. That's where 'Wish It Away' comes from - we didn't want to look back in the future and wonder why we didn't at least have a go"

"Funny how in a short space of time A split decision can change your whole life" says Pepper reflecting on that moment in her life. Here was where Pepper and Piano first caught the judges and the publics eye.
However, it wasn't all plain sailing for the due as when fellow band member was faced with the prospect of performing in front of 10,000 fans, Piano ( aka Emma ) decided that music was not her path, as stage nervous were too much for the performer. Katie remembers "she was so terrified it was all we could do to get her on the stage. It all worked out really well though, because just as she was realising the whole thing wasn't for her, Emma found out she was pregnant, which she was really excited about, so she went off to have her baby, and I just got on with making the best of the opportunity I'd been given".

And what an opportunity that was, by being invited to work with Dizzee Rascal's manager and mentor Nicholas "Cage" Denton, one of the most respected songwriters in UK garage scene. From there she was flying solo and Pepper was born...
"She was an artist who just smacked me dead centre in the face from day one as someone who could do really good things, because she's got a fantastic voice and a really nice energy... Obviously now I know her a bit better cos we've written a whole album together I just have to lie about it through gritted teeth, but that's showbiz" said Cage.
The duo then set work on writing some new material and created 14 brand spanking new tracks, which she has been showcasing on Dirtee Stank TV channel on YouTube in her acoustic sessions. These sessions just showcase the brilliant vocal ability and cheeky personality of Pepper. We featured funky track Running Rings a few months back and listening to all new material this is a taste of what to expect. Check out the just as brilliant and funky Abandon Myself.
Since writing finish she has been on the road promoting her new sound, touring last year with Dizzee Rascal and currently on tour with British hip hop duo Rizzle Kicks. Next she'll be releasing her debut single and album that will be out later this year and we can't wait..! 

Watch out from Pepper hitting up your radio's very soon, she's gonna be big..!

New Single Alert - Charlotte Perrelli - The Girl

If you're a fan of 'Power Pop' you'll love The Girl! A big star in her native Sweden, Charlotte Perrelli has been pumping out the hits in her homeland for over 13 years, also representing Sweden in Eurovision twice! Her new single The Girl is a big, bold and brash in your face song full, of power that gets into your soul and just lifts you up! We dare you not to start dancing when this songs at full volume! Hopefully That Girl will get this talented Swede some recognition around the globe!

New Video Alert - Goodwill and Hook N Sling - Take You Higher

Before you watch Take You Higher, the new song from the pairing of DJ's Goodwill & Hook N Sling you need to be introduced to the first darlings of Australian Indie Music, Angus & Julia Stone. Below is the video for their hit single Big Jet Plane, a beautifully shot video to a song loved down under...
Now you wouldn't ever think an indie song like this could get remixed would you? Well think again!  Aussie DJ's Goodwill & Hook N Sling have turned Big Jet Plane into a ripping dance track Take You Higher and it's launching across the world as the newest dance smash! Already racing up the charts in Europe as we speak, when you listen you'll know why..!

Preview Norah Jones second single Travellin' On..!

Following on from her last release lead single Happy Pills, Norah Jones has previewed another track from her new album Little Broken Hearts. Check out the stream of the second track Travellin' On to be teased from Norah Jones' upcoming album which is set for release on April 27.

Little Broken Hearts is due out May 1st.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Madonna and Quentin Tarantino to work together?

Madonna is already thinking of her next single even though Girls Gone Wild has just been released. With the release of her album just a few days ago with it slowly climbing the iTunes charts sitting at number three, the Give Me All Your Love singer has ask Quentin Tarantino to direct the video for her song Gang Bang.

When writing the track the singer said "When I was writing the song, I was picturing one of his movies and one of the female characters” continuing saying "I have a whole thing worked out. All Quentin has to do is show up with a camera. I can't afford a director's fee."

Well, we are sure the Material Girl  has a few dollars available to pay the fee..! Check out the track below and let us know what you think the video will be like? We are imagining a Madonna in a version of Kill Bill

New Video Alert - 360 - Child

360 has released his brand new clip for Child, filmed at the skate bowl in Bondi, Sydney. Child is the epic fifth single to be taken from the Melbourne rapper's debut album Falling and Flying.

360 is heading out on the road hitting all major cities in Australia in June on his The Flying Tour,  to grab tickets head over to his website now before they sell out.

Child is the official music video off 360's Falling & Flying album available on iTunes now

New Video Alert - Riz - Dance With Me Feat. Pitbull

How do you think that Riz, relatively unknown in the music industry, could get Mark Zuckerberg, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa, Snooki, Paris Hilton & Perez Hilton in his music video? Well..... he didn't - but they are in it.. animated! Despite the gimmick of his video, you realise soon that this song is more than just another pop/hip-hop track at about the 1 minute mark. Sampling the track made famous by The Supremes & then again by Kim WildeYou Keep Me Hanging On provides the chorus to Dance With Me and surprisingly, it works well! What do you think..!?

New Video Alert - Tulisa - Young

The previous N Dubz band member Tulisa, has stepped out on her own premiering her debut solo single and video for Young. Riding her UK X-Factor success as a judge, the singer releases this dance track which is taken from her solo album that would be released on May 7, 2012.
The track is produced by Richard 'Fazer' Rawson and written by Peter Ibsen, Ali Tennant and Fazer. Check out the track below..!

New Video Alert - Ryan Keen - Focus

This track gave us goosebumps! Not only is Focus a musical masterpiece with delicate use of guitar, percussion, strings and Ryan Keen's soulful vocals, the video is amazing too! Using the same clay-mation techniques we've seen from Wallace & Gromit as well as Chicken Run, we see a familiar scene for anyone who's worked in an office. Then it all takes a turn for the surreal. It's intriguing yet fun - I dare you t o try take your eyes from this video! This acoustic artist from London has really impressed us with his song and video for Focus - and he'll impress you too..Focus is out now on iTunes.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

New Video Alert - Andy Grammer - Fine By Me

When Andy Grammer burst into the music scene he did so in a big way, launching an interactive music video where you could choose which way the story-line went. Keep Your Head Up won MTV's Most Innovative award in 2011and we thought it was brilliant too! Then Andy put a call out to his fans to provide their own video version of his new single Fine By Me - we thought he was planning something huge involving his fans as a follow up. We were wrong. The Fine By Me video has been released now and it's thoroughly conventional - luckily the song is GREAT!! Fine By Me is one of those songs that just makes you smile, upbeat and fun and with the very handsome Andy Grammer front & centre, very watchable too ..!

New Video Alert - Neon Hitch - F U Betta

In January Neon Hitch was the top pick from Pete for the brilliant song F U Betta - it's been over 2 months since we first heard the song and we still love it! What's amazing though is that Neon Hitch's profile has skyrocketed due to the amazing success of Ass Back Home with Gym Class Heroes. That track has topped the charts around the world, so with that in mind what better time is there than to release the video for F U Betta! Looking very sexy in the clip this track we're predicting will be a big smash on the charts everywhere..!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Single Alert - Ricki-Lee - Do It Like That

When we interviewed Ricki-Lee at the end of last year, she promised her new track would be a brilliant pop track and she definitely lived up to her word. Full of big beats and a catchy chorus, this incredibly upbeat catchy track will have your foot tapping and hair flicking* in no time. 

Speaking of the new record Ricki-Lee said “The track is about having fun and it's about dancing... there's nothing better to watch than massive groups of people all dancing together and having fun... you can't help but smile and dance along in your chair." We couldn't agree more..!

Check out the track which is available on iTunes now
*Ricki-Lee loves a good hair flick..!

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