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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What to expect from the new The Tings Tings Album - Sounds from Nowheresville

We were fortunate to get our hands on a copy of the new new long overdue album from The Ting Tings Sounds From Nowheresville which will be released February 24 in Australia.

The Ting Tings trademark which inspired the album title for band mates Katie White and Jules De Martino is simple; to make tracks that sound different to the one before; to have musical freedom and to be held by no boundaries.

The Ting Tings launched themselves into the world with their DIY hardcore-pop in 2008 to massive acclaim and success, with their no1 singles That’s Not My Name and Shut Up And Let Me Go along with Great DJ selling over 4 million copies worldwide. Their music became the soundtrack not only on the radio but also to countless shows and films from Slumdog Millionaire to the likes of Gossip Girl.

The Ting Tings debut album went on to sell over two million copies. They also won the prestigious Ivor Novello Award for ‘Best Album’ in 2009 and received a Grammy Nomination for ‘Best New Artist’.   
Now back with new album Sounds From Nowheresville which keeps to the original style we have come to love from The Ting Tings, however adding a new rock/ 'beatier' edge to their new album, that gets you feet tapping in no time.  Stand out tracks seem to  be lead track Hang It Up and Give It Back and then offering a different kind of funky beat, with Soul Killing and One By One which are far becoming SCP standouts..!

The new album didn’t come quickly to Katie and Jules. After achieving worldwide success with their debut album We Started Nothing the duo spent a relentless two years touring before eventually returning to the studio. Following a brief spell in Berlin where they recorded and subsequently ditched a whole batch of songs they weren’t happy with; The Ting Tings packed their bags and landed in Southern Spain where they threw out the rule books and made music that made them happy.

Jules said: “Everything before then had been a struggle. Suddenly it wasn’t. Every time Katie went up to the booth she was nailing it. The lyrics were happening. The whole weight of our shoulders was lifted. This was enjoyable again. It was being dictated by its own energy again.”

And we must agree, the album is a "grower" and though not full of instant stand out tracks like the previous album, each track builds on the previous and works well as an album and definitely worth a puchase. We all know how hard the second album can be for many artist to follow the debut success, however The Ting Tings, gives us a more mature, meatier funkier record this time round that SCP are just loving..! And watch out for the last track In Your Life that sound feature on Kill Bill Vol.3

Sounds From Nowheresville is available on iTunes on pre-order now

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