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Monday, 20 February 2012

Sia announces retirement from pop stardom..!

Aussie pop gal Sia has announced via her twitter page that she is “resigning” from the music scene and will no longer be touring, videos or interviews, prefer to work behind the scenes as a songwriter.
After five hit albums and countless collaborations including the smash hit Titanium with David Guetta the singer has had it at being a celebrity.

Sia became a household with her single Breathe Me, being used in cult television show Six Feet Under. She has recently been mentoring alongside Christina Aguilera on the US series The Voices, however after personal health problems and her desire to stay off the road after promoting her last album We Are Born, the singer is calling it quits at the ages of 36..!
It’s sad that we will no longer touring, however least the Aussie singer will still be making music. Check out Clap Your Hands and SCP fav.

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