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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Meet the boys from The Wanted..!

British boy band The Wanted are fast becoming hot property both in the UK and the USA. After melting girl’s hearts in the UK with their two albums, the boys are fast becoming hot stuff in the US as the group embarked on their first US tour, with 10 dates recently completed over the last few months. However who are these boys? We find out..!
According to the boys, Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes The Wanted’s mission is to “bring some much-needed cool – and a fair bit of sexy - back to boyband land” and we couldn’t agree more..!

Since their number one debut upbeat pop single All Time Low back in 2010, the boys have gone from strength to strength. No surprises, as the track was taken from their self titled album which was produced by some music heavyweights in Guy Chambers, Taio Cruz and Steve Mac.
The album carried two further singles Heart Vacancy and Lose My Mind gaining the boys further popularity, as they were not just your standard boy band knocking out the ballads and dewy eyes, they were like five lads, out to have a laugh and take on the charts.

After releasing Gold Forever in support of Comic Relief, it was their second album Battlefield, they struck gold and that made them global with their big dance second single Glad You Came becoming hits in Australia and the States making it into the Billboard Top 100. Once again working with the same producers, the five lads have been knocking out the hits with the up tempo hit Lightning and the track Warzone seeing the boys all heart broken by their cheating girlfriends. Awwww!
Lets meet the boys..!
Max George

Max George could arguably be one of the most famous of the boys, as The Wanted wasn’t his first attempt at boy band stardom after appearing in boy band Avenue that auditioned for The X-Factor UK back in 2006 but never made it past boot camp and had very little chart success. Following a quick naked shoot for AXM, Max then went on be a member of one of the biggest boy bands the UK has seen for a while. We love Max purely for the reason that if he could rule the world he would give free beer for everyone! Sadly he broke many girls (& guys) hearts when he got engaged to British actress Michelle Keegan after meeting her at one of The Wanted's concerts. Boo..!
Nathan Sykes

Performing since the age of 6, Nathan Sykes attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School and is the youngest of The Wanted at only 18years old. A diversely talent teenager after winning "Britney Spears's Karaoke Kriminals", a pianist  and attempted to represent UK in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004 however placed 3rd in the heats. He’s the cheekiest in the band after saying if he was Harry Potter, “I would show Hermione my wand!”

Siva Kaneswaran
Siva Kaneswaran has dabbled in many professions from appearing in TV series Rock Rivals to becoming a model from 16, which is actually where he got his breakthrough to be part of The Wanted by being spotted in a modeling campaign and asked to audition. Half Irish/ half Sri Lankan Siva, is a twin with brother Kumar, who did also audition for the band but didn’t make it through. Siva has been in a relationship with his girl Nareesha for four years has said if he was a girl “I would be one hot girl!”

Jay McGuiness

 Yet another twin in the band is James "Jay" McGuiness and attended the Charlotte Hamilton School of Dance, that said, his dance education didn’t give him balance as is known as the clumsy one of the group as he's always tripping up while performing! Jay is a HUGE Avatar fan and has a pet lizard called Neytiri.

Tom Parker

Born in Bolton, Mr Tom Parker also tried to make it by audition on the X-Factor UK however didn’t get past the first round and said "I was trying out for a solo career but looking back I wasn't great and I do believe it was for the best." guess he’s laughing now! However, prior to joining The Wanted, he used to tour in a Take That tribute band. We wonder whom he play? We’d reckon Robbie Williams due to his cheeky banter and Northern charm.

The Wanted's album Battleground is available on iTunes now

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