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Monday, 6 February 2012

Madonna performs at Super Bowl - What did you think?

Well you could have heard a pin drop at the SCP office today as we all eagerly awaited the half time performance by Madonna at this years Super Bowl.

Madonna kicked off the performance in front 63,000 stadium spectators and millions worldwide on TV, in a gladiator themed version of her hit Vogue including a few of madge’s yoga moves, then followed by Music which is when special guests LMFAO joined Madge on stage for a boogie and a cut into their song I’m Sexy and I Know it.
Then came the performance of Madonna’s new single Give Me All Your Luvin’ with a hundred cheerleaders taking to the stage including guest singers Nicki Minaj and M.I.A dancing around with golden pom poms.

We must say loved Nicki Minaj in any performance..!

Another special guest in that Cee Lo Green took to the stage with a fleet of drummers to accompany Madge on a quick version of Express Yourself then getting everyone up and singing to her classic hit Like A Prayer  which ended in Madge falling through the floor..!


Though many millions around the world watch the super bowl each year for the game, we just tune in to watch  the half time performance. Though spectacular to watch, it will become one of our favorite performance we have seen at the super bowl, as it was done to perfection and didn’t have any wardrobe malfunctions. Phew! So overall, a solid effort from her Magesty.. lets hope it helps her single shift a few units.

At the time of writing we are unsure/did not notice what the score of the Superbowl as we are still discussing Madonna’s performance..!

So SCP readers - What did you think..?

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