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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Introducing the boys of One Direction

Boy bands have been on a bit of a roll lately. Back in the late 90's they were huge with bands like Take That, Westlife, *NSync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees and Boyzone finding huge success on the charts with screaming adoring fans mobbing them wherever they went. In the late 00's though it was only Westlife who still had the occasional charting song. It wasn't until a Take That reformation that we saw the first inklings of a return to boy band favour. Boyzone reformed shortly after but it really wasn't until 2011and The Wanted topping the charts with screaming and fainting fans surrounding them that the boy band phenomenon could call itself back!

Whilst The Wanted brought obvious sex appeal to the charts with hunky lead singer Max George and co showing us their abs another band came out of a British talent show to steal the hearts of the British people with their clean cut good looks and perfectly arranged pop tracks. That band is One Direction and they've already made a big impact on the pop scenery. The five members of One Direction (or 1D as they're known) formed on the advice of Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. After auditioning separately for British X-FactorNicole suggested they team up to form a band to qualify for the groups category and magic began. They didn't win, but their legions of fans clamoured for more 1D music and they were immediately signed. 
What Makes You Beautiful was their debut single and what a stroke of genius it was. Speaking directly to the hearts of the young girls who made them, this song was a smash hit for them with the video highlighting the sweet, good natured wholesomeness of the group and of course, showing off the mega-cuteness factor of the boys. Let's meet them..!

Liam Payne
Liam Payne welcomes us to 1D in the What Makes You Beautiful video, his long locks, cheeky smile and dimples the perfect choice to melt the hearts of those who'll buy the single. Liam auditioned for X-Factor back in 2008 but was asked to come back another year as he was not ready for stardom yet being just 14 at the time. Upon his new audition he obtained a standing ovation from Simon Cowell so he obviously took their advice!

Harry Styles
Harry Styles is the last of the 1D team to reach 18 years old and was previously in the band White Eskimo before auditioning for X-Factor. He caused a bit of controversy by dating the Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack, 14 years his senior! A perfect smile and unique sultry voice brings adoring fans to his autograph table!

Zayn Malik
Bringing the brooding dark looks to 1DZayn Malik's features come from a British & Pakistani background. Undoubtedly handsome, Zayn's smile melts the hearts of his fans and brings some exoticness to the group. Simon Cowell took a specific interest in Zayn convincing him to return after he thought he could not handle the dance routines on the show. He also briefly dated the runner-up from X-factor Rebecca Ferguson.

Niall Horan
Every boy band needs the blond haired, blue eyed member and for 1D this is Niall Horan. The sole Irish member of the band Niall now has braces to fix his less than perfect teeth and better fit the boy band mould. Endearing himself to the X-Factor audience with his goofy nature and laughing hysterically at his own jokes Niall's Irish charms fit in perfectly in 1D

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson really couldn't be any prettier! With his trendy hair, flawless skin, perfect smile and impeccable fashion sense Louis is the oldest member of 1D and has his own adoring fan base. Frequently the mischievous one in the group Louis's model looks and cheeky nature complete the 1D team.
Following on from the success of What Makes You Beautiful 1D released the hits Gotta Be You and their current single One Thing where the video brings a cheeky Beatles esque vibe and a new side to the boys. Showing their fun side interacting with their fans in Trafalgar Square the boys have also released a behind the scenes look into the making of One Thing which is lots of fun!
Based on their success so far and with the an obviously strong camaraderie between the boys and excellent management making all the right choices we look forward to seeing continued success from these British boys. SCP loves you One Direction..!

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