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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Grammy Awards Top 10 Performances..! (Part 2)

Yesterday we brought you the first five of our top ten performances at this year Grammy Awards. Here are five are the best of the evening and its al about Pop, Pop, Pop baby..!

Katy Perry made her first stage performance since her very public separation from Mr Brand however we can’t help think it was a public way to say she is ok! The singer paid homage to her last album by starting with her track E.T then breaking into her latest track Part Of Me taken from her re-packaged album Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection with the track featuring lyrics saying…
"I just wanna throw my phone away
Find out who is really there for me
'Cause you ripped me off, your love was cheap
Was always tearing at the seams
I fell deep and you let me drown
But that was then and this is now
Now look at me"
And did anyone notice the Ice Men melting on stage? What was that saying???
Chris Brown, David Guetta, Lil Wayne, Foo Fighters and Deadmau5 blew up the stage when Chris Brown performed Run-D.M.C,  I Can Only Imagine featuring a very brief glimpse of Lil Wayne, followed by with Deadmau5 dance remix of the Foo Fighters song Rope
Nicki Minaj gave the most interesting and controversial performance of the evening ( well we guess Gaga was having the night off..!) The alter ego opened the performance with a mock confession booth and exorcism leading into her new single Roman Holiday.
It was Adele’s first performance since having throat surgery and was reported at being nervous about performing, however you would never have guessed! With a brilliant rendition of her Grammy Winning hit Rolling In The Deep filled with just a few hand gestures, powerful vocals and gospel choir to bring the house to its feet. So well deserving of her six Grammy Awards she took home that evening..!
Lastly and by NO means least,  it was Jennifer Hudson's  tribute to Whitney Houston that stole the show, singing I Will Always Love You. The performance was respectful and honourable salute to the late singer, who sadly passed away last weekend. Jennifer was clearly moved whilst performing the heart-wrenching yet powerful performance.

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