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Monday, 23 January 2012

SnapCacklePop Interview - Vocal Few

When we heard She'll Be Right, the Vocal Few E.P  in the SCP offices we were blown away - we jumped onto iTunes and purchased it straight away and it has been on repeat for over a week now! How can so much talent be hidden for so long - we had to post about them straight away! Their music is a delicate blend of meaningful lyrics, perfect harmonies and some amazing musicality. You can feel the emotion and love through each verse and chorus - it is obviously an album that has been bubbling and simmering in the minds of this husband and wife for a long time and we just had to get in contact with them. Kristie and Matt are Vocal Few, a talented musical duo and couple from Seattle and they sat down together to answer some of our questions!

Thanks for your time Kristie & Matt! Welcome to SnapCacklePop..!

·      There hasn’t been many husband and wife duo’s since Sonny & Cher, how do you keep the balance between work life and home life?
Matt - Kristie has been balancing my (Matt) tour/road/music life with home life for a while now, so she's pretty good at it. To be honest we have yet to tour Vocal Few yet, so we're not sure. The fun thing about this project is that playing together feels like home, so it's not really work.
Kristie - Sometimes Matt comes home from the road with his other band, The Classic Crime, and can't stop referring to me as "Dude".  If Vocal Few ever goes on tour, he can call me dude on the road, but will have to call me Sweetie when we're at home.  That should help us keep a good work/home balance :) 

·      Do you take work home with you?
Matt - I have a studio in my living room, so yeah, I kinda do
Kirstie - Matt has four guitars hanging on the wall above his studio - and his acoustic guitar is in his hands nearly at all times.  He's always working on something! Lately he's been spending a lot of time dreaming up new Vocal Few songs... like Matt said above, we have a lot of fun working on our songs, so it's a lot more like home than work.

Congratulations on welcoming Praise Lee MacDonald into world, how are you going now being musical parents?
Matt - She loves music. It's the only thing that will stop her mid-cry. We'll start playing and she'll stop and just look at us like we're blowing her mind.

Kristie - I sit her in her bouncy seat next to me while I practice piano, and she is all smiles - she loves music! It's no surprise to us though - when we first played our completed demos through our speakers at home (while she was still in my tummy) she kicked like crazy! We'll have to get her a tambourine to play along as soon as she can grasp an object.

·      Kristie, how’s Matt as a dad, does he pitch in changing the nappies?
Matt - Of course I do. How dare you, I'm father of the year.

Kristie - Truth be told, Matt pitches in on the nappies like crazy! He actually claims to know what it sounds like when she's crying for a diaper change, and he's almost always right! Nappies aside, he's an incredible dad so far. The moment he gets home from being out he scrambles around saying 'Where is she?!".  After which he promptly picks her up and smothers her with kisses. 
Are you planning any more kids?
Matt - Sure, why not? They're great! 
Kristie - We both come from families of 8... need i say more?! ;) 

·     If you do can we suggest a name – Snap Cackle Pop Macdonald?
Matt - Convincing, but no.
Kristie - Matt's so hardline - I’ll put it on the list ;) 

Matt, you had a ‘Light blub’ moment when in Australia and got inspiration from Aussies saying "She’ll Be Alright" for the EP – should we expect to see you, Kristie and Praise here soon?
Matt - We would love to. Hopefully it sells well enough down under for us to justify a tour.
KristieI really wished I could have gone along for the ride when Matt was there with his band last spring.  I'd LOVE to go to Australia, so tell all your friends about this EP to make it a reality! :)

·      What did you love about Australia?
Matt - The people, the weather, the wildlife.

·      You say that us Aussie’s are lazy & carefree – care to explain that sweeping statement – at SCP HQ we work very hard!
Matt - You'll never work as hard as those capitalist dogs in America, but don't worry, that's what makes you great.

·      Kristie, as Matt has a self proclaimed being “lazy and a bad husband” what’s one thing you wish he’d start doing?
Matt -  Shhh, don't give her any ideas. I'm perfect in every way.
Kristie - Haha. Matt's being pretty hard on himself with that statement.  Well at least the bad husband part! ;) The only thing i wish is that we would have made an EP sooner!

SnapCacklePop BIG 5 QUESTIONS this week are....

1.    Apart from Sonny & Cher can you name at least two other famous husband & wife duets?
Matt - I honestly can't name any!
Kristie I'm drawing a blank too! I'd Google, but that feels like cheating.  

2.  If you could be a superhero, who would it be? 
Matt - I love Batman, but he's too vulnerable... Superman? 
Kristie Spiderman! Who doesn't want to swing from building to building by a thread?! 

3. Kristie, which of the seven dwarfs does your husband most resemble in the morning?
Is this a trick question? :) How come I can only think of dopey and grumpy? ... :) 

4. If you could send one thing to Room 101 what would it be?
Matt - Is that code for hell? Um... greedy televangelists 
Kristie - Uh... are you speaking some Australian dialect that i don't understand? Not even my Canadian is helping me here... if Matt is correct on the translation being hell, then I’ll say anyone involved with human trafficking.  Too serious? Okay, Justin Bieber ;) 

(SCP - Room 101 was a TV series in the UK where you sent something that pissed you off to hell! Was a bit lost in translation, though we agree Justin Bieber should be sent there for being VERY annoying!)

5. Matt, if you were on desert island what would you want to take with you?
Matt - My wife Kristie, of course. 
Kristie - Good answer Matt! ;) If he is taking me, then I will take our baby, Praise.

Thank you so much Kristie & Matt for your honest and funny responses. We look forward to She'll Be Right hitting the charts shortly! Vocal Few's EP She'll Be Right is out now on iTunes! To preview the EP click here

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