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Friday, 20 January 2012

SnapCacklePop Interview - Barry Southgate

We caught up with the charming Barry Southgate this week and wanted to find out what 2012 has in-store for the singer. We chat about his EP Epitome,  touring, what he would do if he was king, offering us a job and what "other" things he gets up to when not recording music!

H Barry, welcome to SnapCacklePop!
Thanks for having me!

Its been a long time since you appeared on Australian Idol, what have you been up to until now?
It really has, kinda seems like another lifetime almost!  Well, I spent quite a bit of time back & forth overseas.  Been doing more behind-the-scenes stuff, like background vocals & writing songs, up until the past year-and-a-half or so.

At SCP we are loving your new EP Epitome, tell us about it?
Thanks, glad you like it!  It's my 1st EP, wrote & co-produced it with Nashville producer, Paul Mabury.  It was also recorded in between touring, which made it challenging, but even more rewarding.  I was pretty hands-on with it from start to finish, so I'm super proud of it.

Who are your influences?
There's a ton.  I grew up in a musical home, so there was always lots of different music playing in the house.  5 influences from the early days though: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Richard Marx, Brian McKnight & Boyz II Men.

You said on Facebook you have been “working hard on new music today, among other things” – Should we expect an album next?
Haha sometimes I forget people even read my status updates.  But yep, you can definitely expect an album.  

What were the “other things” you were doing? Can you tell us?
Hmmm a bunch of things, I'll leave that to the imagination of whoever reads this ;).

You also said on Facebook “2012 is going to be better than 2011” What have you got planned?
So much & some things I'm still planning, but what I'm most excited about is new music.  Also, The Sapphires comes out this year.  I've got a small role in it, but it's my 1st feature film, so I'm pretty stoked about it.  Wayne Blair's an ace director. 

You used to be in dance group Jireh, do you still break out the moves sometime?
Haha wow, it's been a looooooong time!  You guys might need to re-teach me.

Are you still in contact with any one from Australian Idol?
For sure.  It's one of the best things about doing the show, I made some friends for life.

You were on tour last year with Tinie Tempah, Brian McKnight, Joe and Eric Benet! That’s kinda impressive, how was it?
Thank you...  Yeah, 2011 ended with the K-Ci & JoJo tour too, it really was such an amazing year.  Can't even begin to describe how surreal, cool & growing those experiences were.  Man...  Seriously loved it :).

Do you plan to tour this year?
I'd love to.  One of the best parts about all the touring last year was just connecting with the people & meeting fans face to face.  Can't wait to do that again.

You have a “BCS Movement” can you explain what that exactly means?
Sure.  I basically took my initials (Barry Conrad Southgate) & used it to create an acronym, Bring Change Somewhere.  Really want it to inspire people to make a positive difference, wherever they are.  Whether it's encouraging somebody, helping out financially, even something as simple as a smile...  Whatever "change" looks like to you.

So if you could be king for the day, what would you love to change in either your life or the world?
In my life: I'd fly all my family/friends + all my favorite artists, from around the world, to my palace for a party.  There'd be a never-ending supply of good food, entertainment & fun times...  

In the world: I'd have every nation's government/leader sign a pledge that day, for the wars to stop & that we'll all start working together.

We notice you are recruiting creative, outgoing and motivated type to work for Team BCS? Can we apply?
Sure, would be great to have you on board.

What would we exactly be doing? Not collecting the coffee we hope!
Haha no, just fried chicken & Cadbury chocolate.  A bunch of things, mainly getting the word out there about the music.  Guess you've gotta contact them to find out more.

How much does it pay?
Million bucks a day.  

Deal. Please send over the contract!

To finish off, we also conclude our interviews with our SnapCacklePop Big 5 questions of the week….

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?
Teleportation.  I miss so many special occasions, 'cause of traveling, it's crazy.  Being able to teleport would be sick.

Who would you love to do a duet with?
That's so hard.  I'll have to narrow it down...  If we're talking new-school people out there right now, I'd say Bruno Mars or Adele.

If a cow laughed, would milk come out of it's nose?
Hahaha wow. Of course it would, it's a cow!

What job would you do if you were not a singer?
"Professional eater", if that's a job haha.  Definitely still something in music/entertainment.

What’s a secret you can tell us that no one else knows?
If I told you guys, everyone would know!  One random thing a lot of people might not know, is I'm a huge superhero fanatic.  I've got hundreds of dollars worth of Marvel comics in storage haha.

Thanks Barry. We love you very much and wish you all the best for 2012!
Thanks so much guys.  Really enjoyed it & likewise to you!

Epitome is available on iTunes now

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