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Saturday, 28 January 2012

An Open Plea To Kylie..!

Our open plea to Kylie Minogue..!

Kylie! Oh Kylie, 

We hope that you are listening to thee.

We here at Snap Cackle Pop,

Think everything you do completely rocks.

We are excited beyond belief,

To hear that you'll be the chief

Of all things gay at Mardi Gras

Leading the parade, we'll be waving at you from afar.

But how we wish we could get closer

Grant us our wish, we promise not to be poseurs.

We'd love to have a little lunch

An egg white omelette would be sufficient love. *(no carbs till after Mardi Gras)

And in doing so we'd ask lots of questions,

About twenty five years in pop with an Aussie inflection.

We promise to not mention the perms or Jason,

We want to know more about future Xenomania collaborations.

You see we are true devoted fans,

And know so much about your career expands.

We're even partial to your diffusion lines,

And thought Sweet Darling smelt divine.

So Kylie and even Terry Blamey,

Please, please listen to our plea ...

We here at SCP ask you to grant our wish,

To share a luncheon dish,

With the one and only Ms Minogue.

To ask her 25 questions, 

about the secrets to staying in vogue.

In letter form or in person would be neat,

Whichever way suits you is sweet!


At SCP we will patiently await your reply..!

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