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Monday, 9 January 2012

New Video Alert - Tiestö - Mission Impossible Theme

The last time the Mission Impossible Theme was released, it was by Limp Bizkit for the Mission Impossible 2 movie released in 2000. Limp Bizkit really turned the theme into a hard rock track and now it's Tiestö's turn to make it his own. His version of the theme is AMAZING! As you would expect Tiestö injects a real electronic dance feel into the song and even in parts a bit of a Spanish vibe! When you have this song played loud you really understand how good a remix this is. Go check out the movie too - it's action packed and it's got quite a lot of humour in it too with British funny man Simon Pegg starring. Have a listen to Tiestö's take on the Mission Impossible Theme below!

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