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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Introducing - Vocal Few

It's been some time since a husband and wife band has made an impact on the music scene but Matt & Kristie MacDonald may just do it. From Seattle U.S.A. a simple blue line changed the lives of this talented couple. In May 2011 Kristie discovered she was pregnant and it threw them both for a loop. Matt had always been procrastinating about making music but with a baby on the way and the realisation that kids cost money, Matt headed off to Australia to think about his future. It was here that the laid back lifestyle and the 'She'll be right' attitude of the Aussies he became less stressed about becoming a father. 
It was this breakthrough that took Vocal Few into the recording studio to record the very appropriately named E.P. She'll Be Right. Their recording was made with love and in order to support their upcoming child and what an amazing record it is. Touching, delicate and soulful, this acoustic rock/pop E.P. is led by the single We'll Make It Someday, but every song is a gem. Matt and Kristie's vocals harmonise perfectly and you can feel the emotion flowing through every song.

She'll Be Right is here for you to listen to now, and as we know you'll love it, it's available for purchase online here for just $5! An absolute bargain for such an aural treat! Oh and you should know, Matt and Kristie had a beautiful baby girl on December 12 - congratulations guys from SCP..!

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