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Saturday, 31 December 2011

SnapCacklePop Music Awards - CACKLE Worst POP of 2011 Nominations

At SCP we always say we love all pop, we'd listen to ANYTHING! However there are some case's where SCP cringe and have to ask why a song was released in the first place! There were three standouts this year which are nominated for CACKLE Worst POP of 2011 award due to their annoyance, ridiculousness or pure WFT were you thinking! And the nominations are...

Bella Vida - Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang
When we at SCP came across this one, more than a few eyebrows were raised! Its David HASSELHOFF daughters! Yes, Hayley & Taylor-Ann Hasslehoff formed Bella Vida who both wanted to be Pop stars since they were young and their debut single and video Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang is an example of a track being auto-tuned to death and trying to be too many things! It’s definitely a MISS not a hit!

Kim Kardashian - JAM ( Turn It Up) 
When we heard this track at SCP HQ our jaws hit the floor and all said, “WTF were you thinking” releasing that! Newly divorced Kim Kardashian’s video for her track Jam (Turn It Up) doesn’t leave much up to the imagination either as she rolls round the floor, licks her lips and flaunts her booty! Its one of those cringeworthy moments where you say stick to your day job luv, what ever you “class” as you job honey, just please don’t let it be music again! We couldn't find full video - hopefully it got taken down!

Here is the full track if you can bear to listen!

Rebecca Black – Friday
Some may say the Rebecca Black’s single Friday should not be nominated for worst pop due to its huge success. The track went viral on YouTube and other social media site around the world as it received over 167 million hits and became an international hit. However she is nominated for its cringe worthiness, repetitiveness, being auto-tuned to death and some of the worst lyrics we have heard in a long time with lyrics like 'Tomorrow is Saturday / And Sunday comes afterwards / I don't want this weekend to end'. And don’t get us started on the video! 

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