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Friday, 23 December 2011

New Video Alert - Jared Lee - It's Over (Goodbye)

It's funny how the music industry works. For the big name artists, when they release a new song the video is generally out at the same time or shortly after. For artists lesser known it can take some time for a single to prove itself before a record company invests in a video. Luckliy for Jared LeeIt's Over (Goodbye) is an amazing single that has been gaining strength and popularity over the past 6 months. We first reported this great song back in July on SCP and we immediately fell in love with it. The song was then featured on an episode of American Idol and the popularity of the song started to take off. It hasn't set the world on fire yet, but with his debut video, Jared Lee now has the clip to match the single. Sure to be shown on music channels around the world, have your first watch Jared Lee telling the Sliding Doors style story of meeting a beautiful girl at a party in It's Over (Goodbye) below! The re-released single is out now on iTunes

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