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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

New Single Alert - Meg Myers - Monster

Even since Poison, her collaboration with Dr Rosen Rosen, new singer on the block Meg Myers has been on the SCP radar, eagerly awaiting her next release. Following her previous track Adelaide, the gorgeous singer has sent us her first official single Monster and we are loving this track! Slightly dark and mysterious however beautiful composed and raw, the track reminds us of early Alanis Morrisette and The Cranberries. The Ex Jehovah’s witness, now living in L.A who’s influences include the Goo Goo Dolls, gives us this edgy yet beautiful  song about love that drains her as the love becomes too one sided and she is too angry to deal with anymore.
In the Soundcloud link you can preview all three tracks the singer has released to date including the Dr Rosen Rosen track Poison.Ms Myers is certainly One to Watch in 2012! We'll be catching up with Meg in the next couple of weeks to find out her deepest darkest secrets until then check out Meg's tracks below. 

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