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Monday, 5 December 2011

Introducing - Medina

We sometimes discover an artist that been flying under our radar though shouldn’t be for the awesome tracks they produce, especially one who has won two MTV Europe’s AwardsMedina is a Danish pop, dance and R&B singer and songwriter who first hit the charts back in 2007 with her debut album Up Close which contained pop gems like One Moment and Up Close.

Getting further attention in her homeland with her follow up album Welcome to Medina, the singer spent six weeks at No.1 with Only For Me earning triple platinum status which was followed by further three top ten hits!
Welcome to Medina was then released as the singers international debut album also contained the dance hit which first got our attention Addiction.  With an electro-pop beat the single made it Medina’s 7ths number one in Demark and peaked at number one on the Billboards Hot Dance Airplay Chart

The One is a beautifully crafted pop delight with lyrics about find that special someone, sing "You and I belong together" with a beautiful video of couples in love

Execute Me is another electro pop slice of heaven, which sings about making sure a relationship is the right one for you and if you are not happy then to be brave and walk away.

We love pop surprises at SCP HQ and discovering this Danish diamond certainly has made our day. Check out Execute Me below. Welcome To Medina  is available on iTunes now.

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