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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

SnapCacklePop Music Awards 2011 - We Need You!

As we come into the festive season at SCP HQ, we started to talk about the year in Pop that was 2011! 

And what a year it has been! 

With Katy Perry entering in the music history with so many No.1 off the same album, the sad passing of Amy Winehouse, Beyonce falling pregnant, Lady Gaga being more Gaga, Steps returning to the charts, Adele taking over the world and so much new music its like its been Christmas EVERY week!

So to celebrate the year in Pop for 2011, we introduce the SnapCacklePop Music Awards 2011....

...and we want YOUR help!!! 

Its been a such a BIG year in Pop! So we have ten categories of awards this year and we want to hear who you think should be nominated! 

Who do you think had the best video? Made an awesome debut into the charts? Had the worst song of the year? Is One To Watch for 2012? or the best Pop album this year?

So let us know who should be nominated in this years awards by leaving a comment or sending us an email at SCP HQ with your nominations.

The SnapCacklePop Music Awards 2011 categories are...

SCP Video of the Year

OMG! That Brilliant New Artist Award

OMG! What an awesome debut Album Award

One To Watch in 2012 Award
(Who is gonna be big in 2012!)

SCPop King of the Year

SCPop Queen of the year

SCPop Peoples Choice - Artist Of The Year Award

SNAP Single of the Year

CACKLE Worst POP of 2011

POP Album of the Year

Get your nominations in now and be part of deciding who deserves one of our awards! 

As always, love SCP HQ x

Oh and incase you missed it, here is Kylie being conducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame

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