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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

SnapCacklePop Interview - Stan Walker

We caught up with the Australian Idol winner to talk about his new album, working with his mum, his acting debut and his huge crush on Beyonce
Check out below!

Hey Stan

Welcome to SnapCacklePop
Thanks man

Firstly Congrats on your V Channel nomination for Oz Artist of The Year, that’s quite an achievement, how you feeling about it?
Um, I don’t know, it's cool but I don’t really think about it too much, hey!

So you are not really into the awards then?
As long as the fans still love what I do, they enjoy my music and it helps people, that’s what I am about. An award is just a bonus.

It been quite a journey over the last 2 year since Australian Idol, have the years just flown by? Or???
Its been quite hectic, hey and looks like 2012 is getting more busy. In a good way, its exciting with my album and the changes and evolution of music and as me as an artist. Its very exciting!

Talking about evolution as an artist, you have your third studio album Let The Music Play out today. It’s a different direction this album with more a pop/dance vibe, was that intentional? Is that what you are listening to at the minute?
Definitely intentional. The way I wanted this album, was to showcase and show who I am in this moment in time. Like, as a young man, 21 years old… I’m loud, proud, crazy and um, not just showing one side to me. I think when people say its gotta be pop, rock, soul or whatever, I think music is music , regardless of genre and I think that’s why I put so much different style and culture inside my music. With this album especially, its all based around pop, but a lot of its dance, with a hint of old school, gospel, R&B… so I definitely like to keep it like a journey!

Did you know Let The Music Play was an album and a first a hit for Shannon back in 1983?
For who?

For Shannon? It was a huge dance hit back in the 80’s that was also sampled on Jordan Sparkes recent track S.O.S (Let The Music Play)
No way, I didn’t even know! I’ll check it out!

To be fair you wasn’t actually born when the original single was released in Jan 1983.
A track on the album has a very special guest vocalist, someone very close to you? Can you tell us who that is?
Yeah, my mumma.

How did a song come about with your mum? and how was it working with her?
Its been an idea of mine for the last year and a half, of doing a song with my mum. Someone from my family and that shows my fans a bit more of who I am and the things that matter to me. And I thought, you know… I loved to do a song with my mum and I just went ahead and went for it. And we went ahead with the album and did a cover of Eva Cassidy, one of my favorite tracks as a family.

It’s a beautiful track.
Its one our favorite tracks of the family, so we love it.

Will that be released as a single, will we be getting mum out on stage?
You never know! [laughs] You never know! I don’t know what the future holds, but we definitely have goals and plans and a vision of what’s happening, but you never know!
So your latest single Galaxy is with Jessica Mauboy, we love the track at SCP, how did that collaboration come about?
We’ve always wanted to do a song together, its just been about the right song. We’ve always been friends, its more like brother and sister and we work together all the time. When this song came about, like we were just, both of us, we loved it from the get go and decided to put it down and record it. And just turned out really awesome!

So talking of the Galaxy, tell us about it?
Its about explaining love and your love for someone and how great your love is!
So you are making your film debut in A Gift To Zion and why the cross over into acting?
Yeah it’s a bit weird. It’s a film in New Zealand which I start in March, just after me and Jess finish touring. I’ll be heading straight over there. Its gonna be interesting as I’m not an actor, so um, I’m excited for the challenge but doesn’t mean I’m gonna be good at it [laughs]

So starts next March, when should we expect to see that in the cinema?
Probably in 2013

You said the script was “basically who you was six years ago” what do you mean by that?  
Probably the personality and person I was back then…

So you will channelling some of you own personal experiences into that character?
The best I can, using it if it will work.

Are you nervous about it?
I am nervous yes.

You are going to get any acting lessons?
That’s what I have been doing lately, getting acting lessons here and there! That’s important for me. I don’t want to do in there not knowing anything.

So you mention you are touring next year with Jess, what can we expect from the tour? Are you excited about that? And what should we expect?
We’re both excited hey! Like, this is where we get to showcase us to our full potential, you know. Hopefully we won’t get sick and give the fans the full potential. With a great band, dancers and the production of the show. We pride ourselves on our live performances and that’s what we are both excited about.

We checked you out on the X-Factor the other week, you were awesome!
Oh really [Laughs] Thanks very much.

How was it returning to that kind of show? With judges, your peers and live audience?
I didn’t think of it like that. Its was good and great to be on stage again. Its quite natural for me now.

Any advice to the winner of this year’s show? As you have been in their shoes before?
Its hard work man. What they have been through is nothing compare to the real music industry. That’s the  honeymoon period, like a  marriage. Like that’s the honeymoon and after that, the real relationship is about to begin and that’s what you have to learn about. Its hard work man!

Good advice.
Its up to you whether you fall or fly.
We hear you are singing at Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight, how did you get involved in that?
Well I was approached a while ago, um and I just said I’d love to do it. Its an awesome event and finding out they want me to be their ambassador, I’m just stoked hey, its just an awesome opportunity to represent something bigger than myself. It’s not just about me its about Vision Australia.

So will you be home for Christmas? Are you having some time off? 
Nah, I’ve only just got 4 days off and straight back into tour rehearsals and the tour. Couple of days with the family then back into work.

What’s the greatest and worst Christmas present you have ever received?
Greatest was a bike

No, just a normal big. Back then it was just my life!

And the worst?
Sunscreen. My mum used to get us all these small things and she brought us sun screen!

So just to wrap up, we have some SnapCacklePop Big 5 questions. Just silly questions, just answer what ever comes into your head.

Who do you have a secret pop crush on?
[Instantly] Beyonce. There is no secret, she is my wife.

She’s your wife, does Jay-Z know about this?
Yes! No, but would love to meet her!

What came first? The chicken or the egg?
The Chicken

Who would you like to duet with?

Do you have a party trick?  Can you show us?
Nah, I’m just a clown. I just tell dumb jokes.

If you could have a super power what power would you have?
Probably fly! I’d love to skip taxi’s and like fly overseas

Would you have a cape?
Hell no, just a jacket

Depends on how fast I can fly!

Well Stan, its been a pleasure to meet you today. Good luck with your new album Let The Music Play and SCP will see you on tour next year!
Thanks man.

Let The Music Play is out now on iTunes

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