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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New Video Alert... sort of.... Andy Grammer – Fine By Me

Want to appear in Andy Grammer’s new video? Read on....

Starting out busking on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, super hunky Andy Grammer first came to the world’s attention with his debut single Keep Your Head Up which we featured on SCP back in April. This video won MTV’s most innovative award in 2011 by being interactive – this amazing video changed depending what options you wanted while you watch! Keep Your Head Up was also a great single, fun funky and fresh we just loved it – and now he’s back for his follow up.  

Andy Grammer hasn’t actually released his video for his new single Fine By Me yet, however he’s put out a call to the world to send in your very own version of Fine By Me, lip synced to the track. We think he’s got something big planned for the video release of the song featuring the video received from around the world, but in the mean time he’s released a lip synced version with internet sensation Keenan Cahill whose individual looks brightened up a lip synced version of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. Check out Andy and Keenan below having fun with his new single – and maybe have a think about what you can do lip syncing to this great new song, Fine By Me!

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