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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

New Video Alert – The Naked and Famous – No Way

Some of the most incredible and memorable advertising we’ve seen in worldwide campaign over the past 5 years have made use of the amazing effects of slow motion camera work. The Sony ad for the Bravia TV featuring millions of small colourful balls bouncing down San Franciscan streets broke new ground and raised the bar for cinematography within the advertising industry. Equally impressive was the use of the beautiful Jose Gonzalez song Heartbeats which was a masterstroke of song selection.
Even more impressive slo-mo advertising campaign was the campaign for Schweppes where we saw footage of water balloons bursting with song To Build A Home by Cinematic Orchestra.

You may ask, What does all this have to do with the new The Naked And Famous song we hear you say? Well this band has used slo-mo in all forms for their video for their new single No Way. Shattering panes of glass, exploding flowers, colliding vases and much more are featured in this video you cannot take your eyes off. The song feels like it’s built for the advertising industry too with a real Heartbeats vibe to it before introducing a heavier beat. It really is a remarkable video from a band becoming well known for their dedication to their art and building a strong fan base around the world. Check out the amazing video for No Way below!

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