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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New Single Alert – Aura Dione - Geronimo

OK are you ready to be introduced to your new favourite female artist? Well, readers meet Aura Dione – she’s amazing!! Born in New York, her remarkable looks come from her background of Faronese, Danish, Spanish and French origin. Growing up as a hippie and sailing the world, Aura  wrote her first song as an 8 year old. Moving to Denmark for high school, she moved across the world to Australia for middle school where she sought inspiration from the local Aboriginal people for her song writing.
Now signed with Universal music, Aura has released her second album Before the Dinosaurs featuring the remarkable single Geronimo. It’s possible that this song is just a little too cool – a little bit Rihanna, a tad Leona Lewis a fraction Erykah Badu but all Aura Dione, this song is AMAZING! Currently filming the video,  you will fall in love with Geronimo, and especially with this very unique and talented artist!
At SCP HQ we think Pete has a slight pop crush on her, as he's already saved her picture as his screen saver! Awwww!

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