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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Introducing – Bastille

Normally when we do an ‘Introducing’ segment here on SCP we give you a lot of background about the artist – who they are, where they come from etc. but with UK band Bastille, it’s a little bit different. All we know is that Bastille is lead by Dan Smith, a south London based musician... and that’s about it! What Bastille have going for them though is their music. They have received a lot of attention from uploading their music to SoundCloud & YouTube, and now it’s paying off for them. So obviously very talented musicians, each song is so well written and produced they will be getting a lot  more attention around the world very soon!

Bastille has just released their first EP Laura Palmer and even though it’s only a few songs each it’s an Alt Pop masterpiece. Named after the murdered character on the TV show Twin Peaks, the lead single is Overjoyed and we have the brand new video for it for you below:
Whilst Overjoyed is their new single at SCP we feel the title track of their EP Laura Palmer and track 3 Things We Lost In The Fire are the two stronger tracks. Laura Palmer is haunting and has an amazing musicality to it. Dan’s voice melding perfectly with the acoustic yet electronic elements of the song. Things We Lost In The Fire is much more upbeat and poppy with a great beat to it. One of those songs you sing to yourself for hours after hearing it!
Whilst we can’t bring you lots of information about Bastille, that’s probably how they want it. They want their music to talk for them and it does. Bastille’s Laura Palmer EP is out now on iTunes

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