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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The return of Ricki-Lee – new track announced – Raining Diamonds

If you live in Australia and not heard of Ricki-Lee, where have you been? For those who have not had the pleasure Ricki-Lee Coulter is an ex Australian Idol contestant that went on to be a singer, musician, songwriter, model, performer, radio personality, magazine cover girl and television royalty!

Now signed to EMI Music Australia she is releasing her first explosive single since 2009 called Raining Diamonds, which is co-written with Billy Mann (Pink, Kelly Rowland, Robyn and The Veronica’s) and BOYBLUE who also produced the track.  Billy Mann personally invited Ricki-Lee to his recording studio at his home in New York where they spent a week working on songs for her new album, including Raining Diamonds.

Saying of working with Billy “I have so much respect for Billy’s work and his talent, and he doesn’t just write with anyone because he is in a league of his own – so to have him sitting across from me and getting into my head the same way he would with someone like Pink – it was so surreal.  Working with him is like nothing I have ever experienced. He brought things out of me musically and emotionally that nobody ever has."

Raining Diamonds is a pop dance track with a bit of Pink edge and is close to Ricki-Lee’s heart as she explains the song’s meaning, “Raining Diamonds is all about knowing your value and not settling for less than what you believe you are worth and I feel like I am living proof of that.  If you believe in something you can have it. You just have to back yourself 100% percent and don’t rest until you get there. I feel like I’m more in touch with myself than I ever have been and that has helped me paint a clear picture in my mind of what I want and helped me get there.”

Well we love the track Ricki-Lee, welcome back honey! You were always better as solo artist rather than Young Divas

Ricki-Lee’s new single is available on iTunes or check out the new lyric video below 

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