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Monday, 10 October 2011

Pete's Pop Picks

Elizaveta - Meant

What do you get when you cross Sarah McLachlanNorah JonesNina Simone & MozartElizaveta! This New York born, Russian raised, Opera trained, Diva in waiting is about to explode on the world music scene and when you listen to her debut single, Meant, you’ll understand why. An auditory feast with a full orchestra and brilliant vocals from a very talented artist, Elizaveta will be making her mark very soon and is Pete’s Pop Pick of the week!

The New Cities - Heatwave
Following in the footsteps of their countrymen Simple PanThe New Cities are a new Electro Rock/Pop band from Quebec Canada, and with their new single Heatwave, they’re starting to gain recognition around the world. Signing with Sony in 2008, the six member band have just released their new album Kill The Lights, and have recently opened shows for The Black Eyed PeasSum 41 & Katy Perry! Check out Heatwave below!

ShakiraRabiosa Feat. Pitbull
Shakira needs no introduction but her new single does! Rabiosa is the Spanish word for ‘furious’ and produced by and featuring Pitbull, it is the only English single released from her latest Spanish album Sale El Sol. What’s quite unusual is seeing Shakira with a dark brunette bob wig – she barely looks like her – but then the trademark long blonde locks come out with Shakira doing a spot of pole dancing in a bikini – of course! With a real Latin flavour, Rabiosa is definitely worth checking out!

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