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Saturday, 15 October 2011

New EP Alert - Jared Lee - Falling Through Holes

Back in July, Jared Lee featured as the top pick of the week in the very first Pete's Pop Picks with his ripper single It's Over (Goodbye). Jared Lee has been in the music scene for years, maturing and refining his art and has just released his first EP, Falling Through Holes. We at SCP have been following (some may say stalking) Jared for a while now and we can report his EP is amazing - AMAZING! his voice is smooth like honey and the lyrics and music meaningful. Each and every song is magnificently produced in this R&B infused Pop-Rock EP with radio friendly choruses and powerful vocals. Led by his emotionally charged single It's Over (Goodbye) this EP features gems like Beautiful World and the title track Falling Through Holes. Have a listen to the EP below and be sure to add Falling Through Holes your to your iTunes playlist today!

Listen to the stream of Falling Through Holes here. 

Track listing: 

1. It's Over (Goodbye) 

2. Hold U Down

3. Beautiful World

4. Out of Breath

5. Falling Through Holes

6. What It Beats For

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