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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Meh Moment in Pop – Bella Vida – Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang

When we at SCP came across this one, more than a few eyebrows were raised! For a start ,these girls didn’t display the usual pop-star traits... then we found one of the reasons why... their names are... Hayley & Taylor-Ann HASSELHOFF! Yes, Bella Vida are the daughters of the one & only David Hasselhoff. According to The Hoff’s MySpace page, other than appearing on his Christmas album when they were young, this is the girls first foray into Pop and sadly it shows. 
They’ve both wanted to be Pop stars since they were young and their debut single and video Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang has just been released. The single is auto-tuned to death (we assume to hide their vocals), they’ve tried to come up with a catchy dance tune and failed, and the beat is lacklustre. And the title? Really? They’ve tried to appeal to the masses and really appealed to no-one. Have a listen yourself and decide, but we think you’ll be agreeing with us!

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