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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Introducing - Bastian Baker

When you think of Switzerland you normally think of secure bank accounts, chocolate and expensive watches. You don’t normally think of hot male pop stars – but that’s exactly what you get with Bastian Baker. Looking more like he should be in speedos on a catwalk than in a recording studio with a guitar, after listening for a few seconds you know that this Swede means business.

Sounding like a male Colbie Callait, this 20 year old is a songwriter, composer and performer really knows how to pump out a pop-folk ballad. He has been writing and performing since he was 15, and already had a large repertoire of songs when he was signed in 2010.  Lucky is his debut single which is from his new album Tomorrow May Not Be Better. The official video for Lucky has just been released – let’s hope we see much more of Bastian Baker in the future!

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