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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Album Review - Nicola Roberts - Cinderella's Eyes

As you know, we at SCP have always been Girls Aloud fans since Pop Idol and we are rooting for their reunion next year. We weren’t too thrilled when the girls went off to explore solo careers, however if we were to sway on one of them, it would be Nicola Roberts! Not only a clever business woman in setting up her own cosmetic’s company Dainty Doll, she has stepped away from the Girls Aloud winning pop song formula and gone in a new direction, offering a mix of well crafted tracks with edgy style, honest lyrics and off beat electronics with her debut album Cinderella Eye’s. However does it deliver?

In two words – HELL YES!

To say this is one of the best debut albums we have heard in a very long time, would be an understatement. Roberts, teamed up with Diplo, Dragonette, Metronomy and French record producer Dimitri Tikovoi, to produce an album full of carefully crafted pure pop delights, served up with a slice of ferocity, wit and personality. And don’t think Roberts just asked a few writers to pen some tracks for her. as the lady co-wrote every track on the album, apart from the cover (yes there is a cover of Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime)
Within her tracks such as Porcelain Heart we see a different side to the Girls Aloud singer that is known as “the one that doesn’t smile”, with lyric’s that carry depth, intellect and emotion and even tell of Nic’s insecurities and triumphs in title track Cinderella’s Eyes and I which obviously deals with insecurities the singer has felt in the past with lyrics "I don't like nasty words, they hurt me like you never know, but don't think I won't put on a smiley face and do the show".


Lead track Beat Of My Drum is a great pop song full of cheerleading beats and girlish attitude; though post listening to the rest of the album, not the strongest track of them all. Lucky Day is catchy and well-crafted pop track however Gladiator and Say It Out Loud really showcase the singers edgy new direction. Ending the album with Sticks and Stones a pop ballad, with emotional and honest lyrics detailing her troubles of being in Girls Aloud, including that of her underage alcohol consumption.
Overall this album is a strong, well written and very well crafted. Full of autobiographical lyrics, infectious beats, quirky style and bit left of the middle. If you are not a fan of Girls Aloud, do not fret, we assure you this album is great and definitely it's worth a listen and at SCP HQ a contender for pop album of the year. Its hard to deny that Nicola Roberts has created a good debut and set herself apart from those who thought they were better. Guess Nicola has something to smile about now! 

Brave Ms Roberts. You have a fans at SCP for life. Cinderella's Eye's available on iTunes now

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