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Monday, 26 September 2011

Pete's Pop Picks

VV Brown Feat. ChiddyChildren (Keep On Singing) 

English Singer/Songwriter VV Brown almost had a hit a couple years ago with her single Shark In The Water, reaching number 34 on the Brit Pop charts. She’s back now with Children (Keep On Singing), the lead single from her upcoming second album. And what a single it is! One of the most interesting lead ins to any song we’ve heard with the childrens song Do Your Ears Hang Low (also used as a Ice Cream van song!)  makes this new VV Brown song one to make her VV noticed around the world!

HandSNo Romance 
Norwegian Electro Pop Group HandS (yes, with a capital S) have been gaining recognition around the world with their  debut single No RomanceHkon & Sophie make up this duo with a sound reminiscent of New Order & Abba – but with a modern beat. Definately worth checking out!

Simple Plan Feat. Rivers CuomoCan’t Keep My Hands Off You

Canadian pop/rock group Simple Plan have been churning out hits for the past 12 years and they ain’t stopping now. For their new single Can’t Keep My Hands Off You, they team up with Rivers Cuomo – lead singer, guitarist & principal songwriter of alternative band Weezer. With all classic the Simple Plan pop/rock beats we’re used to and featuring in the upcoming teen flick Prom, this is one to watch!

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