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Monday, 5 September 2011

Pete's Pop Picks

Lovers Electric – Beating Like A Drum

You might remember Lovers Electric’s catchy debut single Could This Be from a few years ago. It was popular across the airwaves, and clubs at the time and helped to launch this Aussie/British band but then they just dropped off the scene. Beating Like A Drum however is a true return to form. Now living and recording from Berlin, their new single is a fantastic pop track with a catchy beat and brilliant chorus – and video to match! Very worthy of Pete’s Pop Pick of the week!

Debbi – La La
Honestly when I was looking for my picks this week I thought it would be funny to go find a song from a Czech artist, just so I could say ‘Czech it out’ – what I found however was Eastern Block pop gold! Debbi is a Czechoslovakian artist much in the likes of Jewel or Colbie Callait. Unfortunately due to the fact that everything about Debbie is in Czecheslovakian, there’s not much info out there on her that I could read, but this great single is sung is English and definitely worth Czech’ing out!!! J

Hard-Fi – Fire In The House
This British band has formed some great success on the back of their killer album Stars of CCTV with well known tracks like Hard To Beat and Cash Machine. This indie band has gone for a new direction with their new single Fire In The House with a real dance/pop/rock vibe. Dark and haunting, Fire In The House is an awesome track worthy of chart success!

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