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Friday, 9 September 2011

New Video Alert - Sneaky Sound System - Big

Sneaky Sound System has released the video for their latest single Big. Miss Connie and Mr. Angus shot the video in Las Vegas guerrilla style, when they filmed in various locations round Sin City without permission. 

Miss Connie said about the video "The shoot was all a bit guerrilla because some of the hotels won't give you permission to film so we had one chance to do a lot of these scenes and then get the hell out of there” 

And they nearly had a brush with the law continuing saying "The cops were en route at one stage but we managed to elude them."

Well, we are glad that you didn’t need us to bail you out SSS, especially as you have your new album From Here to Anywhere out next month! 
Hard to promote from in jail! Though Lady Gaga did manage to do a few dance routines when she was in jail in Telephone which did look fun!

Check out the video below and download the track on iTunes today

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