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Thursday, 22 September 2011

New Video Alert – Cody Simpson - On My Mind

Australia’s version of Justin Bieber is 14 year old Gold Coast born, blonde, blue eyed, teenage girl pop crush, Cody Simpson. He’s had a hit or two over the past few years, most notably iYiYi with Flo-Rida, but with his new EP Coast to Coast seems a much more grown up effort.

His new single and video On My Mind shows that he’s really grown up too – though it hard to believe he’s only 14! It has a bit of a Westlife feel to it, catchy pop beat with synthesised vocals as is the trend lately. Much less of a pop icon than the Beebs, but still popular with the girls in the US, and doing quite well in Europe at the moment as well, we’ll be seeing more of Cody soon i’m sure!

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