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Friday, 23 September 2011

Movie Review! One Day - Anne Hathaway Vs Liam Gallagher

After reading the novel One Day which traces besties (with the odd drunken benefit) Emma and Dex over the same day each year for 20 years the Minister Of Movies was struck with a sweet nostalgia for Cool Britannia and wanted to step straight back into her doc martens and spin around Camden to a cool Brit Pop Soundtrack and pretend it was 1998 all over again… but this review is not all about me. I digress. 

One Day was a hit novel for author David Nicholls and now it's been made into a film featuring Amercia's Sweetheart - Anne Hathaway and previously unknown hottie Jim Sturgess.

'Our Anne' as she would be known if she convincingly nailed her 'Ooop North' accent is endearing in the lead role of Emma, even if she thinks that sounding like you're from Manchester means dropping the odd 'Fook' and 'I'm raaaaallly raaaaallly droooooooonk' in-between dropping back into Austen English every now and then. 

Funnily enough, despite being the lead character, Emma seems to play second fiddle to Jim Sturgess' Dex who perfects being an occasional text book asshole with dimples to die for. During Dex's stint as a 'Largin It' TV presenter he bears an uncanny resemblance to late 90's TV and Radio lothario Johnny Vaughn - just like him Dex plays the faux Cockney geezer to a tee despite being from an incredibly posh background.  

It's a gorgeous on off love affair between the two which follows them from being boozed up ambitious uni students in Edinburgh in the idealistic 80's, to coked up twenty somethings in London in the roaring 90's to tee -total semi- adults in the directionless naughties.

Life takes some genuinely hysterical turns, and also some truly tragic twists in this film about fate, fidelity and responsibility and despite each of the characters flaws, they're likeable enough for you to be genuinely gunning for them to finally get together in the end. 

Go and see it with your own 'friend with benefits' and see how the conversation flows afterwards. You'll know if you've got a keeper after their reaction from sitting through this flick!

A completely engrossing winner, even if Anne Hathaway accent sounds more like Elizabeth Bennet than Liam Gallagher.

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