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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Introducing - Ladi6

The last time we’ve heard from a New Zealand female artist, Bic Runga was making waves with her singles Sway & Winning Arrow. Now that Bic’s selling feather inspired jewellery through her website, Ladi6 has picked up her baton & run with it! Starting off in all-girl crew Sheelaroch, New Zealand born Samoan Ladi6 (Karoline Tamati) is making some major inroads both at home and internationally. She is renowned for her energetic live performances, sublime soulful vocals and conscious lyrics

After having completed over sixty tour dates across Europe and the UK last year Ladi6 has released her new album The Liberation Of.. and Like Water is Ladi6’s new single. It’s funky and fresh with a real soup pop feel and it’s gaining Ladi6 credibility around the world with her amazing talent. The Liberation Of.. is out now on iTunes.

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