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Friday, 9 September 2011

Introducing – Jon McLaughlin

Occasionally there’s an artist that touches your soul – Jon McLaughlin is one of them. Releasing his debut album Indiana in 2007, Jon has slowly been gaining recognition, mostly across the US, but with an Oscars performance under his belt (see below) there’s wider recognition worldwide. His first album is a masterpiece – beautiful piano work, soft husky vocals, gorgeous instrumentals, all masterfully produced – don’t believe me? Check out the first single from the album, Beautiful Disaster, below.

Jon McLaughlin - Beautiful Disaster 
In 2008 Jon had two big events in his music career. First, for the Disney movie Enchanted, Jon recorded the song So Close, and also appeared in the movie to sing it. Written by famed movie composers Steven Schwartz and Alan Menken the song was nominated for an Academy Award and Jon was lucky enough to be able to sing the song at the 80th Oscars in 2008 – above is a still from the Oscars telecast. Secondly he released his follow-up album OK Now featuring the single Beating My Heart. What was very interesting is that Beyonce covered one of his other songs from OK NowSmack Into You on her I Am Sasha Fierce album. This song is amazing – delicate and soulful, and some clever soul out there has mixed both versions together. A strong recommendation - listen to this song below – but close your eyes and take it in. You’ll understand why it’s a phenomenal track!

Jon McLaughlin Feat. Beyonce - Smash/Smack Into You 

Jon has just released his new album Forever If Ever, and again it’s an auditory feast. Maybe It’s Over is the first single and  it displays the usual Jon McLaughlin traits. 

A powerful yet graceful album, hopefully this will show the world what a talent Jon McLaughlin really is.

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