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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Introducing - Fingertips

Based in Portugal, Fingertips have been on the scene since 2003 supporting the likes of Nelly Furtado, Queen & George Michael, and prior to 2010 had launched 3 albums. In 2010 however the band searched for a new lead singer and have re-launched to the world with a new sound. Lead by vocalist Joana Gomes, Fingertips sound is smooth, soft and and harmonic. There’s really nothing like this sound out there at the moment!
Their re-launch single Simple Words is amazing – slow, sultry with powerful vocals and a wonderful chorus. With the help of Portugese, but London born lyricist Virgilio Fino, all songs are sung in English on their new album Venice. They are amazing and you just want to listen to more & more!
Their new single is Dreaming Of The Moon – which departs from their other songs with a great beat – the video above from a live gig but with the single overlaid. This is an album of great songs – delicate and even haunting – hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Fingertips, as they definitely deserve success!
We heard these tracks an purchased the album instantly, get your copy from iTunes today!

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