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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Girls Aloud Watch

Girls Aloud watch is back! As we are approaching 2012 and GA's expected reunion, we searched the pop web for news of our fav brit girl band! 

Well, top news is that Nicola Roberts released her debut solo album Cinderella’s Eyes. We are currently listening on constant replay at SCP HQ to bring you our verdict, however according to a report in The Sun, the stress of making the album made her ill! Being a “perfectionist”, she refused for anything but the best for her solo record and picked to work with top producers Dimitri Tikovoi, Diplo, Dragonette, and Joseph Mount and we can already confirm the hard work and dedication shows on the new album. Check out her talking out the her first album and single!

Two news items about Cheryl Cole at the minute, first is that Taylor Lautner has a crush on her! Lucky cow!

Also Cheryl is upsetting Victoria Beckham be jumping on her band wagon in the fashion stakes. Cole told Grazia recently that 'I saw Victoria on a plane recently and she said how exciting it is to be a designer' continuing saying 'I think it's brilliant what she's done. I'd love to do what she's doing. Her New York Fashion Week collection was my favourite,'

However its put Posh Spice nose out of joint as its reported 'Now she feels as though Cheryl's trying to piggy-back on all of her hard work,' with Heat Magazine divulging that Victoria has 'confidence issues,' aggravated by the fact that Cheryl is 'younger and very beautiful.'

We’ll keep you posted if it comes to a ‘Hand bags at dawn’ situation! Well kinda we hope it does!

Kimberley Walsh is stepping out in a new direction after taking on the role of Princess Fiona in Shrek The Musical! The 29 year old dressed in green, red wig and tiara looks amazing as she prepare to take over the part on 5th October. Check out the picture below.

Sarah Harding has split from her fiancé Tom Crane after dating for four years! Saying she is “excited and scared about life since splitting from Tom”

Saying to Contactmusic "I`m excited, scared ... I`m ready to take another leap. I`m entering a whole new chapter and it`s scary. Hopefully the best is yet to come. I feel a little more at ease with what`s going on in my life. I know where my career`s at. I know what I want out of life," Harding said.

We hope you are surrounding yourself with friends and laughter Sarah. 

Finally, there has been little noise from final band member Nadine Coyle apart from her updates on Facebook, so we will end on news that the Girls Aloud reunion to mark their tenth anniversary won’t be just a celebration of ten years in the industry however also a farewell tour as a band! According to Daily Star Sunday the girls will reunite for a three-week tour of the UK, ending their road trip with a gig at Wembley Stadium!

All we have to say at SCP is WFT!

They can’t do this to us!  You can’t promise a comeback then take it away with farewell tour! We hope this is just a myth otherwise SCP will be sulking!

How can they end, look how fabulous they are below! Love SCP xx

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