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Friday, 2 September 2011

Friday Song!

Jeez, what a week in pop! Starting with the VMA, Kelly Clarkson releasing her new track Mr Know It All, we introduced new indie band Strange Talk and ending with Betty White providing guest vocals on Luciana's track - I'm Still Hot.

In the SnapCacklePop Friday wrap up, we discussed who we wanted to hurry up and release your new album! No Doubt was high on the discussion list, so was Justin Timberlake, though he is off at the minute having sex with friends. However one LADY that is overdue to return is Ladyhawke. Where are you we ask? Though we love your debut album, we are gagging for more! We know you are due to releasing this year, however just a sniff of your forthcoming material would keep us satisfied! 

Come on Lady don't make us wait anymore! 
Our Friday song is dedicated to you in hope of a hearing new material soon!
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