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Friday, 23 September 2011

Epic Florence & the Machine!

Florence & The Machine was the best band we saw last year at Splendour In the Grass with Lungs being THE soundtrack to 2010.

So SCP was super excited to hear her What The Water Gave Me pumping from our stereo thanks to those kinds folks at Triple J

Produced by Paul Epworth (most famous for creating the multi layered genius of Adele's Rolling In the Deep) and recorded at The Beatle's Abbey Road Studios, What the Water Gave Me would have Mr Lennon skipping with joy with the musical wizardry that Miss Florence Welch has turned out.

What the Water Gave Me features an epic chorus and Florence's trademark bellow, which Flo fans have become accustomed to. Hair raising stuff of the most pleasurable kind and following on from the same medieval Kate Bush-esque stylings on Lungs.

'Epic' is a word that's used too indiscriminately these days … 'Epic Fail', 'Epic Embarrassment' etc etc, yawn, yawn. 

But if you want to understand how it relates to something other than 'Fail' forwards, goal of the week and tampon ads, check out the track here.

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