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Monday, 5 September 2011

Does JT deliver to his Friends With Benefits?

As promised SnapCacklePop aims to bring you all things that tickle our fancy in the areas of not just music, but also movies, trashy tv and anything else that floats our boat (and hopefully yours!) especially if there is a pop star associated!

So without further ado, please welcome our Minister Of Movies (aka MOM) who will be dropping reviews on the latest and greatest flicks currently on at a screen near you. 

It seems only fitting to start with a RomCom featuring our favourite pop hottie, (currently on microphone hiatus) Mister Justin Timberlake in Friends With Benefits. 

MOM made the big mistake of watching this flick with her father in tow … not a good option unless you're completely comfortable sitting through a film that discusses whiskers, pink bits and pubes with a good helping of cunnilingus and blow job jokes on the side. OUCH!

That aside, Friends With Benefits does a good job of breaking the mould with the standard rom com formula, even if it does run a good half an hour too long. 

The premise is identical to last year's No Strings Attached, the difference being that unlike neurotic Natalie Portaman, fellow Black Swan Milla Kunis plays a likeable, sassy Noo Yoiker and Timbers has proven comedic timing - something scientologist lover, Ashton Kutcher seemed to struggle with in No Strings Attached.

Boy (JT) meets girl (Milla) who is an executive recruitment consultant trying to woo him away from his job as a website editor to become art director of GQ (hasn't anyone heard PRINT IS DEAD …. Duuuurrr). 

Despite his better judgement she succeeds and he moves from LA to the Big (bad) Apple and they decide to start a relationship as 'friends with benefits'. Cue lots of bed scenes featuring the aforementioned variations on fellatio set to a cutesie soundtrack of Train's Hey Soul Sister and other commercial radio faves. 

There's a hefty dose of product placement throughout which irked The Minister and there was a dated scene with a flash mob - showing how out of touch the directors are with what's hip with the kids (if it was 2004 we would have been impressed).

Apart from that, it's a cute movie, watchable but largely forgettable. 

See it on Tight Ass Tuesdays, but don't break the bank for Gold Class. 

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