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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Pete's Pop Pick's!

 Adam Tyler - I Won’t Let You Go
Starting out slowly with just a great piano chord and Adam’s haunting vocals, you think this song is a slow one – until the vocal synthesisers and beat kicks in. A ripper Pop track, Adam Tyler is a 21 year old cutie from LA who sites inspiration from the Spice Girls, TLC & Madonna. He will have a big pop career ahead of him if he keeps pumping out tracks like this! My Pop Pick of the week!

Skylar GreyInvisible 

Skylar Grey.... Skylar Grey... I hear you saying it... “why does that name sound familiar?”. Well it’s familiar because Skylar was guest vocalist in  one of the biggest songs of the year so far – Coming Home by Diddy. Here’s Skylar’s second solo effort since, Invisible. Her first effort was Dance Without You – and it rightfully did not do well. This is a much better effort, and is a really enjoyable song!

Chris MedinaWhat Are Words 
A former American Idol contestant, What Are Words is  first solo single, and a great one at that. Beautiful vocals, and resounding lyrics –his inspiration from his fiancée who was in a car accident two months before their wedding, suffering a brain injury. The song has done very well in Norway & Sweden, reaching number 1, and is worth success around the world.

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