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Saturday, 20 August 2011

One to Watch - Doctor Rosen Rosen - Girls EP

You may not have heard of Doctor Rosen Rosen much yet, however you will be very soon! This awesome DJ Pop producer/remixer has done some corker remixes of Lady Gaga’s Telephone and Britney’s Till The World Ends, however is now releasing his first EP called Girls: Volume 1.

 He’s a versatile pop producer delivering a free collection of pop tracks that cover pop dance, pop ballad, pop rock, club pop and sugar-coated pop that demonstrates this producers many talents.  Describing the music he makes as  “rogue-pop music”, this man will be One To Watch, you mark our words.

Not only that, he is smart. Teaming up with some of the up and coming pop starlets, such a Anjulie, Kay, Jessie and the Toy Boys & Meg which you’ll be hearing more of in the forthcoming coming year, his debut EP showcases not only his own work but what to expect from these four lovely ladies.

Welcome to the world of pop Doctor. You have us as a fan already and we’ll we watching closely and can’t wait for volume two!
Listen to the tracks below and download Doctor Rosen Rosen's debut EP- GIRLS: Volume 1 – which is FREE at

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