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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

New Video Alert - The Sugababes - Freedom

So the Sugababes have dropped their latest video for their first track in over two years. Freedom is taken from their forthcoming yet untitled album and sees the girls get down with some boys in a nightclub!

So we reviewed this in the SCP HQ today and discussed like good pop followers and all came to the same can we put this? 

Hmmm, we'll put it diplomatically..... the video is as good as the track! 
There we said it! 
You may not agree, however to be honest, we at SCP have come to expect a lot from the the babes over the years and this video looks like its been shot in someone's dad's basement with a few spot lights and a rent a crowd. 

Perhaps we were right that when you lose the original babes mix, you lose the sugar that made them so sweet. What do you think?

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