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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Introducing – Parachute

More often than not, there is normally a song or two on an album that you think is a bit naff – something that spoils the experience, even just a little bit. For an artist to release an album that EVERY song is a ripper, is quite a rare thing.... for them to  release TWO is even rarer! But with Parachute that’s exactly what you get. From Charlottesville, Virginia, Parachute display some top notch song writing with catching choruses, amazing musicality and delicate but powerful vocals.  Parachute have been working hard since forming, touring with the likes of DuffyMatt NathansonThe Goo Goo DollsThe Script and even Kelly Clarkson.
Their first album Losing Sleep was released in 2009 and boasted tracks you could listen to over and over again – She Is Love, Under Control, She & Ghost are simply amazing and get under your skin. The first two were actually used for a Nivea skin car advertisement in the States. She Is Love didn’t chart too well, but gained recognition and popularity around the world but Parachute were still fairly unknown – check it below.

Parachute’s new album is The Way It Was – and this is another stunning album which is gaining them more recognition across the globe. Again all are great tracks – with stand outs like Something To Believe In, You and Me and What I Know – however there is one stand-out track which deserves to be Number One across the world, Kiss Me Slowly. Written with members of the most popular pop/country band at  the moment, Lady AntebellumKiss Me Slowly is simply outstanding – beautiful piano & guitar, meaningful lyrics and soulful vocals – the video for Kiss Me Slowly is below – check it out and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!

To quote a line from Molly Meldrum – ‘Do yourself a favour’ and get BOTH albums  - you won’t regret it and you will be telling all your friends about this talented band in no time! Trust us!

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