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Monday, 22 August 2011

Introducing - Jessie & The Toy Boys

We featured Jessie and the Toy Boys in the other day featuring on Doctor Rosen Rosen new EP Girls. The singer/songwriter is currently touring as opening act alongside Nicki Minaj and Nervo on the Britney Spears Femme Fatale tour; we reckon this Toy Boy lover is pop magic! Working with SCP fav pop producers Xenomania on her debut album in-between London and LA,  the singer has had multiple singles released to date that scream poptastic, with an electro flair! Our Popjustice friend Peter Robinson saying her new songs are "top notch" and exclaims, "Jessie is a big talent with enough proper actual popstarry xfactular 'star quality' to be a brilliant ambassador for her own tunes".

We certainly agree Mr Robinson (godfather of pop gossip!)

Jessie and the Toys Boys EP – Show Me Your Tan Lines is available on iTunes now. Check out two of the tracks Push It and We Own The Night Below.

Welcome Jessie, we heart you already!

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